2013 Public Holidays Arrangement
Dec. 10th, 2012

According to the State Council of China, the public national holidays in 2013 will be arranged as following. Some Saturdays and Sundays  will be adjusted to be work days in order to have  consecutive 3-7 holidays.
1.New Year Holiday (3 days)
Jan. 1st -3rd
Jan. 5th (Saturday) and Jan. 6th (Sunday) will be work days.
2.Spring Festival (7 days)
Feb. 9th -15th
Feb. 16th (Saturday) and Feb. 17th (Sunday) will be work days.
3.Qing Ming Festival, or Tomb-Sweeping Day (3 days)
Apr. 4th ~6th
Apr. 7th (Sunday) will be work day.
4.Labor Day (3 days)
Apr. 29th –May 1st
Apr. 27th (Saturday) and Apr. 28th (Sunday) will be work days.
5.Dragon Boat Festival (3 days)
June 10th ~12th
June 8th (Saturday) and June 9th (Sunday) will be work days.
6.Mid-Autumn Festival (3 days)
Sept. 19th ~21st
Sept. 22nd (Sunday) will be work day.
7.National Day (7 days)
Oct. 1st ~7th
Sept. 29th (Sunday) and Oct. 12th (Saturday) will work days.
During the holidays, please report to the SIE office in advance if you are leaving Hangzhou. Please pay attention to your personal property safety when you are travelling. Please understand and be prepared for possible inconveniences in traffic, food and hotel caused by big number of travelling people.

Administration Office, SIE