Late Semester Schedule Arrangement
Dec. 10th, 2012

Dear all,

The last 6 weeks of this semester will be arranged as the following:

Final Exam:
Final Exam Date
Business Management 2011
Dec. 15th –Dec. 20th
Business Management 2012
Jan. 4th -10th
Exchange Students Group
Telecommunication Engineering Course Study Group
Note: The exact date of examination will be arranged by the teacher of each course.
Teachers please collect all the exam paper and send them together with the final mark to SIE office room 616, Sci-tech building before Jan. 15th.
Students may leave the school after Jan. 11th, 2013 for winter holiday.
Please prepare well for the final exams. Cheating will be punished according to the related HDU codes: mobile phone and other communication tools are not allowed to bring into the classroom. Anyone found cheating will be marked zero of the course and will not get the credit.
1.       Electricity fee:
Please pay your electricity bill before you leave. The electricity bills of each suite of November are as the following:
1602: RMB60.4
1603: RMB10.6
1701: RMB49.8
1703: RMB195
The above bills are the final bill after deducting the subsidized 120Kwh per month per suite.
The bills have been pasted to your doors by the staff. Please pay the bill at building No. 38. Only cafeteria card accepted. Please deposit money to your cafeteria card and pay with the card. The cafeteria at your dormitory area opens on Tuesday and Saturday for depositing.
Please turn off the lights and the air conditioner when you leave the room. Saving electricity is always appreciated.
2.       Closing time:
The dormitory building will be closed on Jan. 19th. There will be no electricity during the closing time. Please clean your refrigerator before you leave otherwise it will be smelly when you come back.
3.       Security affairs:
Before you leave the dormitory, please
Be sure to lock the doors and windows.
Pull the plug of all electrical appliances.  
Some important dates:
l   Winter vacation formally starts on Jan. 19th.
l   Spring Festival: Feb. 10th
l   Registering time for next semester: Feb. 26th
l   Classes begin on Feb. 27th.
l   Summer vacation starts on June 29th.

Administration Office of SIE