The Sixth "Chinese Bridge" Chinese Proficiency Competition for International Students in China

Introduction to the Activity:
CCTV “Chinese Bridge” Chinese proficiency competition for international students in China is co-sponsored by CCTV and Han Ban/Confucius Headquarters. It is presented by CCTV4.The competition is divided into preliminaries and finals. Participants will be selected from more than 200 well-known universities and colleges in 28 areas of the country. It will be a national demonstration of International students in China.
Purpose of Activity:
 Set up a studying bridge for International students in China, a communicating bridge for Chinese as a second language education of China’s universities and colleges, as well a bridge of cultural dialogue between China and the world.
International students whose native language are not Chinese and are studying in China.
1. Possess good basic Chinese, can use Chinese flexibly.
2. Posses a certain talent and high comprehensive quality Chinese.
3. Know about related Chinese culture.
1. Brand new creation idea
2. Culture standard of the content, entertainment qualities of the form.
3. Concern about “people’s story” which behind participants
4. Strong brand influence and scale effect, powerful media synergy effect.
1. Preliminaries—Early May to Early June,2013
The contents include:
Self-introduction in Chinese
Personal talent
Random questions by judges
The whole process will be less than 5 minutes. Participants can allot the time as they like.100 winners from the preliminaries will be selected for the finals.
2.Finals —August 21st to 31st,2013 (Beijing)
Registration Date: April 25th —28th,2013
Please get the registration form at Room 114, the office of SIE
Contact: Joy Wu, 86873894