Security Reminder: Travel during the National Day holiday

Dear all,
The National Day holiday will be from Oct. 1st (Tuesday) to Oct. 7th(Monday). Please note that Oct. 12th (Saturday) will follow Monday’s schedule.
Please keep your cell phone on in case there is any emergency. And you can always call us at any time if you need help.
Here are some tips during your trip:
Take care of your personal belongs.
Personal belongs go with people. Don’t forget your personal belongs when you leave the transportation tools.
Be careful of personal security. Don’t take the illegal taxies (without business license). Don’t share the car with others to make up for lost time in case the accidents.
When you are visiting the scenery, don’t clime the Steep Mountain or cliff and keep far away from the deep water.
It is always ideal places for pickpockets at the bus/railway stations, shops along the street and outdoor sports areas. Some thieves stay at these places waiting for chances of picking pockets and stealing bags. Many women pickpockets are seen at supermarkets, shopping malls and trade markets, sometimes there are pregnant women. So when you are shopping, keep your pack bags in the front rather at the back, and don’t put your cell phone and wallets in the upper pockets of the clothes.  
How to take taxies:
Don’t stop a taxi by the traffic lights or in the middle of the road.
Once get into the taxi, remember the driver’s name and the car number. You can use your cell phone to take a picture of the driver. 
Don’t play your cell phone while on the taxi. 
When you get off the taxi, remember to look back the seats to see if there is anything slides off.
Ask for the taxi receipt.
If you have luggage left at the trunk, tell the driver before getting off the taxi. Don’t forget the luggage.
When you go shopping at the tourist places:
The goods are usually with much higher prices than other places even if they give a sound discount.
Don’t follow the tour guide to buy. Some tour guides get big commission from the shops by introducing customers.
If you don’t really want to buy, try not to touch the things.
For people who stay in Hangzhou during the holiday, here you may find some information for where to go:
Wish you have a happy and safe holiday!
Staff of SIE