New Visison Lectures Call for Your Participation

“New Vision” lecture is organized by the International Office, aims to broaden HDU students’ international vision and practice their English. It's open to all HDU students. 

    HDU foreign English teachers or international student  are invited to introduce your life stories, traveling experience, history, geography, custom and cultures of different places, campus life abroad, environmental protection, etc through this lecture.

    This is voluntary base lecture; you are not required to participate. We would love to have more teachers to contribute your brilliant stories, as long as it is not related to sensitive politics problem, religion etc. 

500 will be paid in cash as service fee per each lecture.

    Each lecture lasts 90 minutes. Usually it is divided into two parts: the first part is mainly speaking by the foreign teachers in native English. The second part is the communication between the listeners and the speaker. Based on our experience, we would like the lecture last at least one hour, because most of the time our student only ask a few questions.

    You can use the PPT with pictures to show your story or idea, but please don’t use the long video tape or movies.

    It will take place on monday evening from 6:30pm-8:00pm, starting on March 10th, till middle of the May. We may have 6-8 lectures for this semester. If you like to participate in the lecture, please pick up at least two Mondays that may suit for you, send us the email with the time, your name and your topic. So we can start to make time table.

    In order to make an attractive poster to have more students to attend your lecture, please also send your topic, brief introduction (about 300 words) and your recent picture, along with the outline at least two weeks before your lecture time, so your lecture poster can be designed and made ahead of time.

If you have any question or need any help, feel free to email me or call Ms. Ge Mei at my work phone 86878576, cell phone 15381139076 or 15158070866. Her email address is: Wechat works too.