HDU Application Guideline

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Application Documents:
1.       Application form (download here: /Art/Art_6/Art_6_235.aspx )
2.       Passport copy
3.       Final degree
4.       Transcript of previous study
5.       1 digital picture
All the documents shall be in Chinese or in English
For students who transfer from other universities of China, please send us the following documents in addition to above documents:
1.       Transfer letter from the current university (with the name and telephone number of the contact teacher, who issued the transfer letter).
2.       Transcript record of study in the current university.
3.       An evaluation letter
The student shall leave his/her available email address, telephone number and accurate mail address in the application form.
If there is any recommend person (contact person) in China, please leave his/her name, mail address and telephone number in the application form.
Each document shall be no bigger than 400kb.
Please send all documents to joywu@hdu.edu.cn
We will reply within 3 work days upon receiving the above documents.
Application deadline for Autumn Semester 2015: June 30, 2015.
The Autumn Semester 2015 will be from September 2015 to January 2016 (18 weeks)

Tuition (RMB):
Chinese Language Study Programs
6300 /semester
Bachelor’s programs in Business, Economics and Humanities
16000 /academic year
Bachelor’s programs in Science and Engineering
18000 /academic year
Master’s programs in Business, Economics and Humanities
19600 /academic year
Master’s programs in Science and Engineering
22600 /academic year
How to apply:
1.     Students submit the application documents in right formats to joywu@hdu.edu.cn before the deadline. We will reply whether you are given the admission within 3 work days.
2.     Students when receive the confirmation email of admission, please remit the registration fee (RMb400/person) to the school’s bank account within one week either from abroad or China. And send the scan copy of the bank receipt to joywu@hdu.edu.cn.
3.     HDU will prepare the JW-202 form and the admission letter to the students when receive the registration fee.(1 week)
4.     HDU will send the documents to the students by express mail. (3-6 work days)
5.     The students go to the local Chinese embassy with JW202 form and the admission letter to apply X or X2 visa.
6.     When getting the visa, the students may book the air tickets and prepare to come to HDU. Please inform the HDU staff your flight information.
Living Expenses (RMB):
HDU’s International Dormitory
Single room: 8100/year, or 4050/semester
Double room: 4050/year, or 2025/semester
Prepared by students
Electricity & Water Exemption
120kwh/room/month for electricity; 10 tons/room/month for water
Residence Permit (RP) Application fee
RMB400 (less than one year)
Insurance fee
RMB600 (one year)
Medical Examination fee (in Hangzhou)
HDU does not provide apartment renting service. If the students would like to rent an apartment outside of the school, they may search at this website: http://fang.xiashanet.com/rents/
Bank Account of HDU:
From Domestic China
From other Areas
Intermediary bank account: /04-092-336
Transmission Bank: Bankers Trust Company New York (Chips: 103, Swift: BKTRUS33)
Receiving Bank: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Zhejiang Branch Hangzhou Gaoxin Sub-branch (Swift: ICBKCNBJZJP; UID No: 354248)
Bank Add: 242# Wen’er Road, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China
Beneficiary’s Account No: 1202026209008806216
Beneficiary’s Name: Hangzhou Dianzi University (Tel: 0086 571 8691 5021, Add: Xiasha Higher Education, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China)
Contact Us:
Ms. Joy Wu
Tel/Fax: +86 571 86873894
QQ: 3064948328
WeChat: Studyathdu