Admission Notice for the Autumn Semester 2015

1. This is the name list of the students (
Please click here to download) who have been recruited by HDU. Please check the name and the major.

2Students who have been recruited please pay the fees to the university’s account as the following, and email the bank receipt to

HDU Bank Account

Receiving Bank: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Zhejiang Branch Hangzhou Gaoxin Sub-branch (Swift: ICBKCNBJZJP; UID No: 354248)

Bank Add: 242# Wen’er Road, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China

Beneficiary’s Account No: 1202026209008806216

Beneficiary’s Name: Hangzhou Dianzi University


账号:1202026219940000123Remit from China only, or 1202026209008806216


Please notify the student’s English name, major and nationality.

3. Those students who have not paid the application fee please pay together with the tuition.

4. Students shall register with the bank receipt. The fees will not be refunded if the students who give up registration for personal reasons.

5. To assure that original copies of the admission letter and the JW202 form to be sent correctly, please contact us if your mail address is changed or not clear.

6. Registration date: September 8th, 2015.

7. Documents for Registration

(1) Passport

(2) The bank receipt of fees payment

(3) Original copies of degree/graduation certificate, transcripts and HSK certficates.

(4) Original copies of health examination.

8. As the single room is limited, please reserve by emailing to before July 30th, 2015. First come first serve. 

9.Other information: 

Other fees excluding the tuition

Insurance fee(per year)



Single Room

RMB900/month, 8100/year

Double Room

RMB450/month, 4050/year


Prepared by students

Electricity and Water Exemption

120kwh/person/month for electricity; 10 tons/person/month for water


RMB800 on average (at the university’s cafeteria)

Residence Permit (RP) Application fee:

RMB400 (for less than one year)

Medical Examination fee:


Arrival Instruction


Hangzhou International Airport

By the airport bus to Xiasha, about 30 minutes. Ticket price: RMB20.

By taxi to Xiasha, about 30 minutes. Fees: about RMB120.


Hangzhou Railway Station, or Hangzhou East Railway Station

By metro to "Wenze Road Station". Ticket price: RMB6.

By taxi to Xiasha. Fees: about RMB40 (from Hangzhou East Station) or RMB100(from Hangzhou Station)

Add for HDU International students dormitory: No. 625, Xue Lin Street, Xiasha, Hangzhou

Add for Registration: Room 114, Building 10, Xiasha Higher Education Zone, Hangzhou,Zhejiang, China

Tel: +86 571 86873894           E-mail:            QQ:3064948328                      

 10. The admission for the Autumn Semester 2015 is closed. Thank you for your attention.

School of International Education, HDU
 July 20th, 2015