Notice for the National Day Holiday



Dear all,

The National Day holiday will be from Oct.1 to Oct.7. Please attend the classes from Oct. 8(Thursday) to Oct.10 (Saturday) and on Oct.10 the schedule will follow the one of Wednesday.


During the National Day holiday, please keep in mind the following security information:


1. 假期如离开杭州,请务必提前告知国际教育学院老师。
If you leave Hangzhou during the holiday, please inform the teachers of SIE in advance.

2. 遵守宿舍管理规定,严禁留宿他人,严禁晚归,校园卡需随身携带。
Please obey the dormitory management rules. Don’t put up outsiders at the dorm for the night. Don’t come back later than 11:00pm. Please bring the campus card with you.

l 照看好个人物品,物随人走。下车或离开其他交通工具时,勿忘记护照、钱包、手机、钥匙等个人物品。Take care of your personal belongs. Personal belongs go with people. Don’t forget your personal belongs such as passport, wallet, mobile phone, keys, etc. when you leave the transportation tools.

3. 注意个人安全,不要乘坐无牌照的黑车。
Be careful of personal security. Don’t take the illegal taxies (without business license).

4. 不要前往人多拥挤的地方。
Don’t go to the crowded places.

5. 在汽车站、火车站、商店以及户外运动场地,谨防小偷。外出时最好将背包放置在胸前,不在把钱包、手机等物品放在上衣口袋。
At the bus/railway stations, shops along the street and outdoor sports areas, there might be pickpockets. When you are shopping, keep your pack bags in the front rather at the back, and don’t put your cell phone and wallets in the upper pockets of the clothes. 

6. 保持手机话费充足,信号通畅,紧急情况下联系老师。
Please keep your cell phone available in case there is any emergency.


如何乘坐出租车?How to take taxies?

1. 不要在交通信号灯前或在马路中间招手停车。
Don’t stop a taxi by the traffic lights or in the middle of the road.

Once get into the taxi, remember the driver’s name and the car number. If it’s necessary you can use your cell phone to take a picture of the driver. 

When getting off the taxi, remember to look back the seats to see if there is anything slides off.

Ask for the taxi receipt.

If you have luggage left at the trunk, tell the driver before getting off the taxi. Don’t forget the luggage.


Wish you have a happy and safe holiday!


School of International Education (SIE)