Guideline for International Student Visa Extension Application

l  You Need to Know:

Accordingto the


Studentsdo not complete his/her visa extension before the expiration date will be punished as below:


2.Fine (500RMB/day)

3.Temporary visa (10 days) to leave China


l  Before Apply

1.  Current student: apply the visa extension before at least 10 working days before your visaexpire date;

2.  New Student: Register within 10 working days once entered China and submit the visa extension application then. 


a. New students need to apply the visa extension within 30 days once you stepped into China.(Pay attention to your Enter-China custom stamp)

b. University will NOT be responsible for the delay if students do not submit the application as required time.




  • Immigration Office Requirement

a. Follow “HEDA” on WeChat (account:  hedapsc) 

b. Performa real-name Authentification

Click as the following order:

 “预约”—“出入境业务(VISA”—“Realname authentification (外国公民实名认证)

c. PerformVerification

Afterreal-name authentification, it takes 24 hours for the immigration office toverify.

d. Pick upyour paper when you see your name in the WeChat group.

e.   Make Reservation (Important!!!!)

Once your name has been authentificated, click “application reservation外国公民办理预约”—selectDATE and TIME—completion (SMS will be sent to your phone).


f.  Go to the immigration on the reservation day.



1.  Computer WeChat is recommended and with higher successful rate.

2.  Immigration office reserve the right to reject your application if you go there without reservation.


  • University Requirement

a. Payment

Ensureyou have completed required payment, including: tuition fees, accommodationfees and insurance.

SIE will reserve the right to reject visa extension application if students could not complete the payment mentioned above.


b.  Physical Examination

Ensureyou have completed the medical test. (once in a year).

c. Visa Submission

Submit at least 10 working days before your visa expire and SIE will not take any responsibility of visa extension default caused by students themselves.

Follow the school online application (Scan the code below), scan and complete all details on the application correctly and accurately.



d.  Visa Preparation

It takes at least 10 working days for SIE to prepare the visa extension paper.Please take your payment receipt when picking up your paper.




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