Established in June 2012, the School of International Education (SIE) represents the endeavor of Hangzhou Dianzi University to offer higher education to foreign students in China. SIE takes responsibilities for enrollment, teaching affairs, administrative matters of foreign students.
With the approval by Education Department of Zhejiang in 1996, our university is authorized to enroll foreign students. So far we have admitted foreign students of more than 40 nationalities for various programs, including America, Canada, Mexico, Britain, Germany, Italy, Norway, Russia, Spain, Japan, Vietnam, Turkey and Cameroon.
 At present, our university provides 11 bachelor programs: Business Administration (English), International Economics and Trade (English), Telecommunication Engineering (English), Computer Science and Technology (English), Electronic Information Engineering (English), Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automation (English), Electrical Engineering and Automation, Logistics Management, Digital Media Technology, Packaging Engineering, Chinese International Education. The university also provides 7 master programs: Computer Science and Technology (English), Business Administration, Accountancy, Information and Telecommunication Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Control Science and Engineering, Applied Economics. In addition, there are 3 Ph.D. programs: Electronic Science and Technology, Control Science and Engineering, Computer Science and Technology.
 Our university attaches great importance to the education and development of foreign students in China. As the enrollment of overseas students increases steadily, we have seen students of more nationalities submitting their applications. We have established a comprehensive education system for foreign students, covering language students, visiting students, exchange students, undergraduates for bachelor degrees, postgraduates for master degrees and Ph.D. We are dedicated to training and cultivating distinguished talents for all countries around the globe, producing visionary citizens of the world.