Medical Insurance and Physical Check-up
In accordance with the Chinese government’s laws, the international students who come to study in China must buy the medical insurance. Those who do not buy the medical insurance will not be registered. 

1. The Chinese Government Scholarship students’ medical insurance fee will be paid by the Ministry of Education.

2. For the medical compensation, self-supporting students can contact the agent of Insurance Company Ltd directly. Scholarship students should register before contacting the agent.

Physical Check-up

International students had better do physical check-up as prescribed by the Foreigner’s Health Certificate in their country before coming to China.

2. After registration, the university will help international students who have done their physical check-up in their country to get the result confirmed. Those who haven’t done the physical check-up or the check-up report doesn’t pass the confirmation will be required to check up in Zhejiang International Travel Health Center. The validity of the health report lasts for 6 months.

3. International students may also go to Zhejiang International Travel Health Center for medical check-up or confirmation by themselves with the following items: Health Check-up Application Form, passport, two 2-inch color photos, and the health report from their own country (for confirmation).

4. Anyone who doesn’t pass the medical checkup has to leave China at once in accordance with the Chinese law.

5. As for the check-up fee, self-supporting students are to pay for themselves; and the university will pay for full-scholarship students.

Zhejiang International Travel Health Center

Add.: No.228 Zhonghe Road, Hangzhou.

Tel: 87852410

Office hours: 8:00-10:45 (from Monday to Friday except for statutory holidays)

Note: Bring your passport and a copy of it.