Rules in Examinations for HDU


Rules in Examinations for HDU International Students


All international students should take part in the exams at the specified time. You’d better enter the exam room five minutes earlier and cannot be absent without reasons.


Students who are late for over 10minutes will be not allowed to enter the exam room and the exam result of this course is registered as “0”. Students can hand in the exam papers thirty minutes after the exam begins .


Without teacher’s permission, students are not allowed to carry any books,notebooks, calculators, mobile-phones and I-pad etc. Those things which have been carried by the students are required to put aside in a place designated by the supervisors.


When attending the examinations, students are required to finish the exam independently without any means of cheating. Those who cheat in exams will be registered as “0” in the course result and are not allowed to attend the makeup exam. Those who cheat or help with cheating will both get punished in accordance with the relevant regulations of Hangzhou Dianzi University. 


When the exam is over and the supervisors announce the time for paper collecting, students are required to stop writing on the exam papers, remaining seated until all papers are collected and counted by the supervisors.