HDU University Scholarship for International Students


Hangzhou Dianzi University Scholarship for International Students (hereinafter referred to as HDUSIS) is established by Hangzhou Dianzi University (HDU) aiming to attract and encourage excellent international students to study at HDU.

<**all> <**all>University Scholarship Category


<**all>Application Time:

For current students, before June 30th; For prospective students: before September 10th.

<**all>Applicants submit the application documents to the Office of the School of International Education (SIE) of Hangzhou Dianzi University by post, email or in person. Please make sure that the documents can be arrived before the deadline.


<**all>Application Documents:

<**all>Applicants must fill in and provide the following documents:

<**all>1.    Hangzhou Dianzi University International Student Scholarship Application Form

<**all>2.    Highest diploma (notarized photocopy).

<**all>3.    Academic performance Transcripts (notarized photocopy).

<**all>4.    Photocopy of the applicant's passport.

<**all>5.    Applicants applying for bachelor degree program are required to provide two letters of recommendation

<**all>6.    HSK Certificate or other Chinese Language Test results (photocopy)

<**all>7.    Photocopy of Foreigner Physical Examination Form


<**all>1.  Application documents above will not be returned to applicants no matter whether they are accepted or not

<**all>2. If the students are not registering in a specified time to the university will be regarded to give up the scholarship




Scholarship for Degree Programs
Type A: Graduate
 1st Prize: RMB30000/Year
 2nd Prize: RMB20000/Year
 3rd Prize: RMB15000/Year
Type B: Undergraduate
 1st Prize: RMB20000/Year
 2nd Prize: RMB15000/Year
 3rd Prize: RMB10000/Year
The above two types of HDU Scholarship are offered to the students pursuing their Bachelor, Master or Doctor Degree programs, including the new students who have received the admission and those who are currently studying at the university.