A Letter to HDU International Students

                                                                      Feb. 28, 2020

Dear All International Students, 

It is my honor to deliver this letter to you on behalf of HDU President and Vice-President of International. It has been over a month since Jan. 21, 2020 when we HDUSIE first sent you out the Alarm of the Epidemic Prevention and Control. 

During this special time, we HDUSIE have not only received a lot of blessings, official letters and warmly greetings from our international cooperative partners, but also the messages, concerns and regards sent by our international students who're both in abroad and staying at the international students’ dormitory now.  

We are so appreciated for your cooperations again, including the hard workings and contributions that some of you did and made about the different kinds of students’ affairs service and management for SIE Group everyday both inside and outside. 

We do understand how much you want to be back to HDU beautiful campus and see your Dear Teachers. As you know, the China’s battle against Disease is going on. “People in the same boat should help each other”. We believe that we will win the battle finally and let’s together for the coming victory. 

Everyone is responsibility for the Epidemic Prevention and Control. Please try your best to overcome different kinds of difficulties for your in- class teaching and attendance by web- based, internet and the ways of e-learnings that university required, your teachers instructed and submitted. 

Please Do Wait for the Further Notice from the Government and University. Now, it won’t be accepted on your returning to the campus and dormitory. Again, for your health and the others, please don’t Rush to Come Back! 

The below latest news forwarded from the Official WeChat of Education Department of Zhejiang Province as your reference. We would like you to know: 2020 Spring Semester Opening Time of University’s postponed, including the dormitory closed continually according to the announcement from our national and provincial government.

Please no hesitate to contact your counselors in time if you need any kind of help. Thank you very much for your time to read and do follow the regulations. 

Sincerely yours.


Prof. Tian Ye ( Kitty)

Director of International Students Admission Office

Dean, School of International Education 

Hangzhou Dianzi University