2020 Notice of “HDU Favorite Teacher Selection for Online Courses and Online Teaching Evaluation of International Students”Activity

In order to carry out the deployments of the Ministry of Education and the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Education, ensure the normal education activities during epidemic prevention and control, and achieve the overall requirement of Stop classes without stopping teaching and learning , teachers of international students in HDU stuck to their posts and carry out their teaching responsibilities. Faced with many challenges they never retreated. They made use of online education platform, through live broadcast, recording, Wechat group, QQ group etc. to realize the interaction with international students from different continents and different time zones. Finally, they successfully completed the teaching task of this semester. During this practice, valuable teaching experience has been accumulated, and a large number of good teachers have been welcomed by international students.

In order to review the online teaching activities during the epidemic prevention and control period, understand the overall situation of online teaching, and propose improvements, the School of International Education has decided to hold the 2020 HDU Online Favorited Teacher Selection for Online Courses and Online Teaching Evaluation of International Students  activity. This activity will cover all teachers of international students, including 13 professional colleges, a total of 61 courses.

 The voting time for this activity is from June 20 to June 25. International students are welcomed to cast a valuable vote for your favorite teachers, and at the same time provide valuable suggestions for problems you faced with during online teaching activities.



June 16th, 2020