The Chinese Calligraphy Experience Activity and the Inauguration Ceremony of International Students' Counselor Studio

Recently, School of International Education held a Chinese calligraphy experience activity and the inauguration ceremony of International Students' Counselor Studio in the activity room of the international students' dormitory, which was attended by Qian Bo, the deputy secretary of the Party Committee of HDU, the leadership of School of International Education and all international student counselors.


This activity is the first activity after the establishment of the International Students Counselor Studio; the establishment of the Studio is a new chapter and a new initiative for the education and management of international students in our school in the new semester from a new starting point. With the focus on guiding international students to feel the charm of Chinese culture and promoting the optimization of the international student counselor team, the university will further improve the quality of international student education and talent cultivation, and make greater contributions to cultivating excellent international talents who know, love and care about China.