School of International Education Successfully Held the First Chinese Classics Recitation Contest

In order to implement the spirit of the provincial conference on language and writing, to improve the humanistic literacy of our students, and at the same time to cooperate with the organization and mobilization of this year's Chinese Classics Recitation and Writing and Speaking Contest for university students in Zhejiang province, the First Chinese Classics Recitation Contest of School of International Education was successfully held in the afternoon of May 22 in school conference room in the form of online and offline. Li Junyu and Zhou Pinxu, counselors of international students, Jin Guanzhou, counselor of School of Accounting, and Yang Jiamiao from HDU Radio, attended this meeting as judges.

A total of 11 students from 7 countries both inside and outside the country participated. The judges made comprehensive scores based on language expression, form effect and time control, etc. Finally, the offline recitation piece China under the Moonlight won the first place, and the relevant students will further participate in the provincial competition on behalf of HDU international students subsequently.