Guideline for VISA Application of Hangzhou Dianzi University

You Need to Know

  1. Current student: apply the visa extension before at least 10 working days (Sunday or Saturday not included) before your visa expire date.  

  2. New Student: Register within 10 working days(Sunday or Saturday not included) once entered China and submit the VISA extension application then

    1. All student should have a valid Chinese phone number which is registered by your real-name.  

    2. All student should have a valid WeChat account which is applied by the phone number above.

Application Process

  1. Follow “HEDA” on WeChat

  1. Perform a real-name Authentication. Only new student or changed phone number current student needs to complete this step. Instructions please scan the code below:

  1. Follow the school online application, scan and complete all details on the application correctly and accurately:

  1. Payment.  

    1. New students shall pay registration fee (Degree students and Foundation students) and tuition (Foundation students).  

    2. New students shall purchase insurance.  

Please scan the QR code below to get details.  

tuition and dormitory fee


  1. Physical Examination for new students.   

All new international students must complete physical examination after registration and it must be done before submitting residence permit.  

    1. Those who failed the physical examinations will be regarded as those who are not physically qualified for study abroad. They will be required to leave China within certain days.  

    2. All students must pay the examinations themselves on the day they take the exams.  

  1. Make Reservation.  

An email from office will be sent when your document is ready. Once you receive the notice, please go to immigration office WeChat account to make reservation. Instructions please scan the code below:

  1. Document Collection.  

Present your reservation message sent, you can go to International Students Affairs Office to pick up the documents.  

    1. Office Address: Room210, Building10, Hangzhou Dianzi University, Xiasha Campus.  

    2. Office Hours: Monday to Friday (Holidays not included)



    1. Please go to Exit&Entry Management Bureau to apply for (new students) or extend (current students) residence permits.

    2. According the date on the VISA Application receipt, make a reservation to collect the passport. Instructions please scan the code below (as the same code as instruction 6):

Document List

  1. Residence Application Paper

  2. VISA Extension Application

  3. Statement of School Status

  4. JW202 (yellow sheet).

    1. New students need the yellow sheet for residence permit application.

    2. Current students do not need the yellow sheet for residence permit extension.  

  5. Statement from Family (for student below 18-year)

  6. Passport and visa page copy

  7. Passport size of photo (5 pieces)

Address You May Need

  1. Immigration Office Address: No.11116 South Xingfu Road, HEMAO Building, Jianggan District (Qiantang New District).  

  1. Physical Examination Location:  

Chinese Medicine Hospital of Zhejiang Province, Xiasha Branch (Dong Fang Hospital for short)

2.1 Address: No.9, 9th Street, Economic and Technologic Development Zone, Jianggan District (Qian Tang New District).