Xiasha Campus 
Located in the Xiasha Higher Education Park, which is about 15.5 miles away from the Wenyi campus, Xiasha campus is the main one of HDU. It is a modern campus that contains 11 colleges and over 22,000 undergraduate students and postgraduate students. Major facilities include a 12-floor library, 10 key laboratories of provincial and national level, 12 teaching buildings and 1 students activity center, sports fields, a stadium, cafeterias, provide an excellent environment for teaching, researching, studying and entertaining. 

Wenyi Campus
The campus was built in 1956, the year when HDU was founded. It sees HDU growing up from Hangzhou Aviation Finance and Economics School to a leading university in electronics and information technologies national wide. It is located downtown, which is only a 20 min walk to the picturesque west lake. This is where the foreign teachers live, and the commute to the other campuses. 

Xiasha East Campus

A newly opened campus, located in the Xiasha Higher Education park as well, but muchsmaller than the main campus. It provides teaching and studying facilities for students from the College of Software Engineering.