<**all>Chapter 1   General Code

<**all>1.        This regulation is formulated according to the "University Student Regulations", "Regulations on Colleges and Universities Accepting International students" and "Entry and Exit Regulations of the People's Republic of China" in order to standardize the management of HDU international students.

<**all>2.        The regulation applies to all HDU full-time undergraduate students.


<**all>Chapter 2   Application Requirement and Procedures

<**all>3.        International students who have graduated from high school, and have reached the Chinese language requirements of HDU can apply for the undergraduate programs taught in Chinese. The university will evaluate the students’ Chinese language level, high school transcripts, etc. to decide the recruit. For students who apply for programs taught in English, there is no requirement on their Chinese language level. Other requirements remain the same.

<**all>4.        The School of International Education (SIE) is responsible for the preliminary evaluation of the applicants’ documents, then report to the International Office and Academic Affairs Office for remarks. Admission letter and JW202 form will be sent to the international students who have been approved to enroll into the university by SIE. Academic Affairs Office, after compiling the students ID numbers, will arrange the students into different programs.

<**all>5.        International students who are currently attending another college or university can apply for transformation to HDU. SIE is responsible to evaluate the application documents. Qualified students will be recruited to join the HDU’s class in the middle of the course. The credits they received at the original institution can be transferred if they meet the criteria of HDU.


<**all>Chapter 3   Admission, Registration and Obtain School Roll


<**all>6.        International students should register at SIE with admission notice, passport and physical examination form on time. Student who doesn’t register in two weeks after semester begins will be considered as give up the entrance qualification unless he/she meets something caused by force majeure.

<**all>7.        After the admission, the school will re-check the application documents according to this regulation. Student who cheats or frauds, once verified, will be canceled his/her entrance qualification.

<**all>8.        Student who is diagnosed with diseases by upper second-class hospital or above, is not suitable to study at university, his/her admission qualification will still be retained for one year. During the retention of admission, he/she doesn’t have student status. Student can apply for reentrance admission when he/she recovers from the disease after treatment. If diagnosis made by the school designated hospitals meets medical requirements, re-enrollment procedure will be made. If the review is unqualified or student fails to apply for admission procedures in due time, the admission will be cancelled.

<**all>9.        At the beginning of each semester, international students should take tuition payment vouchers, etc. to register within the stipulated time. Student who fails to pay tuition fees and buy health insurance, doesn’t take medical examination or doesn’t meet the other registration requirements is not allowed to register. Student who doesn’t register on time should perform deferred registration procedures. Otherwise he/she will be regarded as self-quit without applying for deferred registration in advance. Student who doesn’t register, his/her participation in teaching activities will not be admitted.


<**all>Chapter 4   Length of Schooling, Training Plans and Credits

<**all>10.    The length of undergraduates’ schooling is 4 years, which is flexible to 3~6 years. Student who needs to shorten or prolong the normal study period should go through application procedures.

<**all>11.    International students (undergraduate) shall follow the training programs tailored specifically to his/her own major. “Chinese” and “Survey of China” are compulsory courses.

<**all>12.    International students are under the credit system. Students have to attend the whole process of course study. Only by reaching the qualified standard of the course, could students get the credits of the course. For corresponding credits of each course, see the training programs of each major.


<**all>Chapter 5   Attendance and Discipline

<**all>13.    International students should attend all teaching activities arranged by school on time. The students who cannot attend should ask for leave and permission in advance. The students who do not attend these activities without asking for leave will be regarded as being absent from the class. The absent students will be educated by critici** up to the disciplinary punishment or expelled according to the situation.

<**all>14.    International students who can’t participate in the assigned teaching activities shall go through the procedure of leave beforehand in writing. And a medical certificate is required for any sick leave. The leave within one week shall be approved by the head teacher and the Counselor, and within one month by the related school and SIE. Any leave shall be submitted to the school and SIE. Generally, the maximum allowable time for a leave is four weeks.

<**all>15.    No cheating or any other disciplinary offence on examinations or quizzes. Any student cheating or violating disciplines on examinations shall be educated by critici**, receive disciplinary punishments or expelled according to the Student Disciplinary Rules at Hangzhou Dianzi University.


<**all>Chapter 6   Course Asses**ent, Accomplishment Evaluation and Grade Record

<**all>16.    To ensure the international students to accomplish all the courses in due time, every semester the students shall study no less than 12 credits and no more than 30 credits. The university will approve the students’ academic accomplishment by stages.

<**all>17.    Course Asses**ent includes examinations and quizzes. The nature of course asses**ent is set according to the training plan. If a student passes courses after examinations and quizzes, he/she shall obtain credits; if not, he/she is required to have a make-up exam or retake the course. Only after passing the exams the credits obtained. The evaluation of course grade adapts to Hundred Marking System or Five-level Marking System (excellent, good, medium, pass, fail). The Hundred Marking System shall be used to register the marks of examination courses. The Hundred Marking System or Five-level Marking System shall be used to register the marks of test courses and practice courses.

<**all>18.    The paper of compulsory course examinations shall be separately made for international undergraduates of English-taught programs. The international undergraduates of Chinese-taught programs are allowed to take Chinese dictionaries and hand in exam papers with a half-hour delay beyond the set time in compulsory exams. The testing papers can also be separately made. The examination and test mode of optional courses are equal to Chinese full-time undergraduates.

<**all>19.    Records of the course grade:

<**all>A. The standard examination scores and the make-up examination results of the courses shall be recorded according to the actual scores.

<**all>B. If the score of the make-up exam is over 60 points, it shall be recorded as 60 pointsor be recorded as pass in Five-levels Marking System and if the score is below 60 points, it shall be recorded as real scoresor be recorded as fail in Five-levels Marking System.

<**all>C. The score of the course that is examined by delayed exam is recorded by its actual score. 

<**all>D. The score will be 0 if the student gets out of the line or cheats in this course and will be marked missing the exam as well as a 0 if misses an exam.


<**all>Chapter 7   Retaking courses, Delayed Exams, Supplementary Exams, Exemption and Recognition of Credit


<**all>20.    The school practices a system of course qualification exams. Before the course asses**ent, student should be examined by this system by his/her teachers. If the student’s cumulative absenteei** exceeds one third of the course hours or above it (including experiment, practice, etc.), he will be cancelled the qualification of this course in the final exams, and the course score will be "0" with no chance to participate in the make-up exams, and he must register again to study.

<**all>21.    If students are not satisfied with the credit they have obtained, they can select courses to study again. And the highest result will be record. But if students do not pass the exam or are absent from the exam, they must take the make-up exam or repeat the course.

<**all>22.     Students can apply for delayed exams if they cannot take the exam. The procedures of delayed exams must be handled before the exams. Students should submit the written application and relevant evidence for absences. For students who are taught in Chinese, after being approved by the vice Dean of the related schools where those students belong to, the school should notify the course-offered school and the latter notify the teachers. Besides, the school should also notify SIE to record. For the students who are taught in English, if approved by the vice Dean of SIE, SIE shall notify the course teachers and has it record. Generally, students shall not delay exams. The delayed exams are not arranged separately, but with the same time of the make-up exams of the courses. If students do not take the delayed exams or not pass it, they must retake those courses. Optional and make-up courses are not allowed to apply delayed exams.

<**all>23.    Missing one course more than one third of its teaching hours, the student will not be allowed to attend the course exams. International students whose cumulative absenteei** exceeds 50 class hours, who leave school and not attend the school teaching activities more than two consecutive weeks without leaving permissions, or times of asking for leave exceed one third of the semester without applications of suspension of schooling, are to drop out of the school. As for the learners who really have no ability to complete the academic courses of the year, he/she will be arranged by repetition or withdrawing from the university according to the school rules.

<**all>24.    For those who did not pass the compulsory courses and optional courses, they can take the supplementary exams once. But they must re-bid for the course and study again if they fail to pass the supplementary exams. Optional courses, extracurricular compulsory courses and practical education sector usually have no supplementary exams. If students did not pass these courses, they must re-bid for the course and study again. In a particular case, your application should be examined and approved by the school who offers the courses and the Academic Affairs Office. Students who have violation of examination regulations, cheating, disqualification and missing an examination have no chance to take supplementary exams. They must re-bid for the course and study again.

<**all>25.    For International students who have good academic records and self-learning abilities as well as sche****ng conflicts, they can apply for being excused from the course. But it is a must to take the final examination of the course. Credits of this course will be obtained if passing the exam. The credits obtained in this way are equally authentic with the credits obtained through attending the course.

<**all>26.    Students can take cross-registrations according to the Inter-university agreements. The grades and credits obtained in other institutions can be accredited after auditing.


<**all>Chapter 8   Major switch and school transfer

<**all>27.    International students are not allowed to switch majors in principle. Only when approved by SIE, the Academic Affairs Office and related schools under some special circumstances can the student switch his/her major.

<**all>28.    International students who want to switch their majors need some proper reason.  Application should be submit to SIE and the Academic Affairs Office with attached relevant proving documents. Only with the approval of the vice president in charge can students switch to the new major.

<**all>29.    Generally the university does not deal with the school transferring procedures for international students.


<**all>Chapter 9   Suspension of Schooling and Study Rresuming

<**all>30.    International students in any of the following conditions, will be suspended their studies at HDU by approval of the university:

<**all>A. Due to illness proved by the diagnosis of school-designated hospitals, the student needs to stop classes for treatment and cultivation more than one-third of teaching hours of the semester.

<**all>B. Being absent from classes (including ask for leaves) more than one-third of teaching time of the semester.

<**all>C. The student applies to suspend his/her studies due to some special reasons, or whom the university considers must suspend his/her studies.

<**all>31.    The suspension is generally for one-year period. For those who cannot return to the university on time after the expiration of suspension, he/she should hand on the application of the suspension. And only with the approval of the university, he/she can continue to drop out for another year, but the whole drop-out time is not allowed to exceed two years.

<**all>32.    International students should apply for suspension a week before leaving the university, during which they should not come to the university to participate in educational activities. If they failed to transact the suspension in time, they would be considered to be already in the suspension and the university would perform the suspension procedures on them, which include the school’s retaining their status as students and reporting to the Exit & Entry Administration Bureau. During their suspension, students cannot enjoy the allowance as other students do, for example, the scholarship, grants and subsidies will be suspended. Students themselves and their guardians, rather than the university, should take the responsibility if any accidents occurred during the suspension.

<**all>33.    International students should submit their application for returning to the university one month before their suspension expires. After being approved, they can return to the university. Those who do not apply for reinstatement in two weeks after the suspension expiration would be regarded as abandonments of their status as HDU students. Students who suspend their studies due to illness need hospital’s certificate of their recovery when coming back to the university. The university will re-check the students’ health situation. If not qualified, the students should continue to be in suspension or drop out of the university.  Students who return to the university should study with the next year students in the same major. Generally, suspended students are not allowed to return to the university in advance.


<**all>Chapter 10   Upgrade, Repetition, and Drop Out of School


<**all>34.    International students who accomplish all courses in the teaching plans and pass the exams every semester are allowed to upgrade.

<**all>35.    International Students who failed in examinations of 4 courses for two consecutive semesters, or 8 courses in the previous school years need a repetition. During the whole school year, international students’ repetition may not exceed twice.

<**all>36.    International students who have learning difficulties or have other special problems can apply for the repetition from the university’s authorities. The repetition is valid only with their approval.

<**all>37.    Students who take the repetition will be incorporated into the next grade students in the same major. They can apply for exemption for the courses have already been taken. Their tuition fees will be charged in accordance with the provisions for full-time undergraduate students of HDU.

<**all>38.    The students will receive the academic di**issal if in any of the following situations:

<**all>A. Students who fail to accomplish their studies in the allowable range of the study system, regardless of any reason.

<**all>B. Students who don’t make his reinstatement application or the application can’t pass the university’s re-check in limited time.

<**all>C. Students who don’t register in one month after the semester starts and without a valid excuse.

<**all>D. Students who are diagnosed diseases or accidental di**emberment that cannot study any more.

<**all>E. Students who conceal their past medical history and cannot study any more.

<**all>F. Students who don’t participate in the prescribed teaching activities for two consecutive weeks without permission.

<**all>G. Students who cheat in exams more than twice.

<**all>H. Students who apply to drop out.

<**all>39.    Students who apply to drop out should provide the signature of their parents or guardians and with the permission of SIE and the Academic Affairs Department. For those who cannot sign on site for some reasons, SIE shall provide documents to prove it is the students’ own application, and submit to the Academic Affairs Office for approval.

<**all>40.    When receiving application to drop out, SIE shall provide suggestion and submit to the International Office for approval. The International Office reports to the vice president in charge for signature before reporting to the Presidents’ Council to make the final decision. The final decision shall be sent by SIE to the international students to sign for. With particular circumstances that the decision cannot be sent to the students or the students cannot sign for, SIE will record and sign by two people or above to prove. At the same time, SIE report to the governmental department and the Exit & Entry Administration Bureau to cancel the students’ residence permit. The students must finish the drop out procedure within one week by the date of the withdrawal decision.

<**all>41.    Remaining problems for students who drop out shall be solved according to the following:

<**all>A. Students who are diagnosed with diseases (including accidental disability) or do not meet the medical standards should be taken back by their parents or guardians.

<**all>B. The university shall issue a quit-school certificate for students who drop out.

<**all>C. Student who drops out cannot apply to return to the university.

<**all>42.    If there are any doubt or objection with the di**issal deal, please consult the relevant handling requirements of appealing.


<**all>Chapter 11   Graduation and Degree Awarding

<**all>43.    International students who accomplish the following conditions within the period of study regulated by the university will be approved to graduate and obtain degrees.

<**all>A. Finish courses stipulated in the teaching plan with qualified grades and the total credits exceed 130 (the minimum is 125) within the period of study regulated by university.

<**all>B. International students in science and engineering major programs taught in Chinese must pass HSK level 4 before graduation. Those who are in management and humanities major programs taught in Chinese must pass HSK level 5 before graduation. Undergraduate international students taught in English can attend HSK voluntarily.

<**all>C. Transfer students who obtained the credits which are no more than 60 from the institutions at home and abroad approved by Chinese Ministry of Education can apply to HDU. Transfer students must study at least 2 years, and obtain at least 60 credits which include the credits of 10 major compulsory courses.

<**all>D. Do not get any punishment severer than criminal detention because of violating Chinese laws during their stay at HDU.

<**all>44.    The graduates who are in accordance with the "The Trial Project of Awarding Chinese Degrees to International Students” (File Code: [1991]17) can get their degrees. International students whose credit number is 15 (included) or less than the required number will only receive a Certification of Completion of their study from the university. These students can apply to return to the university to re-study, do supplementary examinations for those courses that they failed to get credits, and/or finish the required education sectors. If they pass the supplementary examinations, they will get the Certification of Graduation and the time of graduation will be counted on the date of certificate change.

<**all>45.    Student who has reached the graduation requirements before the due time can apply SOONER GRADUATION. Being examined and verified by SIE and the Academic Affairs Department and approved by the university, the students will be issued the Certification of Graduation ahead of time. SOONER GRADUATION application shall be submit within one month after the beginning of the graduate semester.

<**all>46.    For loss or damage of the certificates of graduation, completion, study and/or degree, the university will issue related prove letter after verification. The prove letters are equally authentic with the original certificates.

<**all>47.    Graduated students’ certificates of degree and transcripts (including Chinese and English) shall be verified, stamped and provide by the Academic Affairs Department.


<**all>Chapter 12  Supplementary Regulation

<**all>48. This regulation shall come into force from the date of this file has been issued. The International Office and the Academic Affairs Department are responsible for the interpretation of this regulation.

<**all>49. The English version of this regulation is translated according to the Chinese version. Any argument or understanding problems on this regulation shall goes to the Chinese version of it.